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New Client

We offer a Free Consultation to anyone interested in learning more about the Bodyworx training system (complete the Contact form below).

Personal Training clients and Group Training participants can request a complimentary, personal fitness assessment.

Modalities:  We use strength training implements of all types, and incorporate elements of calisthenics, yoga and martial arts practices.

The structure of individual training sessions will ultimately be dictated by the objectives and capabilities of the client.  Notwithstanding the aforementioned, elements of a "typical" training session (one hour) are as follows:


  • Injury/posture “correctives” (i.e., active tissue work).

  • Mobility/joint preparation (range of motion; proprioception).

  • Dynamic warm-up (movement-based).

Strength Training

  • Pursuit of progressive, demonstrable strength improvements via practice of primary lifts.

  • Core strengthening.

  • Address imbalances (antagonist muscle development).


  • Depending upon the client, the emphasis is on:  balance/fall prevention; flexibility/range of motion; “functional strength”; athletic movement patterns; etc.

  • Clients may choose to develop additional skills as relates to martial arts; boxing; yoga asanas; or Qi Gong/breathe work.


  • Sessions may include dedicated conditioning work, or conditioning will be addressed in the context of the aforementioned movement practices and/or strength training.

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